Cows in field Wallace of Cim Lady Mina the 2nd of Cim, Shropshire Show Champion Angus 1st of Walton Angus 1st of Walton - sideview Beana of Walton Gealbhan 4th of Cim and bull calf 2014 Margaret Faye Shaw 1st of Walton Julian 3rd of Walton Julian 4th of Walton Lady Juliette 2nd of Walton Lady Mina 2nd of Cim Lady Mina 2nd of Cim with heifer calf 2014 Lady Mina 1st of Walton Lady Mina 2nd of Cim with heifer calf 2014 Highland Cows grazing our Sites of Special Scientific Interest Urshula 37th of Walton Urshula 33rd of Eastol Moor Una Ruadh 45th of Pollok Prize Winning

The Walton Fold

The Walton Fold was founded in 2008 and was the result of Suzanne and Arthur's decision to stop finishing up to 800 cattle a year and concentrate on the large arable business that has been in the family for more than 80 years. This left an area of 200 acres of parkland surrounding the 9th Century Cluniac Priory at Much Wenlock and the grass paddocks around Walton Grange.

The Fold started with the purchase of 3 heifers at Chelford spring sale bought from Auchtenny and Eastol Moor folds and these were soon joined by cows from David Heighton at Ellerdine. The purchase of Wallace of Cim as the stock bull proved to be a tremendous success, not only in him producing excellent stock but also bringing size and good conformation to our fold. He has also been undefeated in the show ring in 3 years amongst his male rivals coming home with many championships or reserves.

Wallace is 11 years old and is still very active but unfortunately will now need to move on to another fold where we believe he will give several years of good service and continue to leave a legacy to the breed.

We have since purchased several young cows and heifers from the Cim fold in our search for size , docility and conformation and we also bought the reserve champion at Chelford, a Coverhead white heifer from Gary Braines. This year our purchases have been two black Killochries heifers from the Whatmore fold.

We now have 4 well grown heifers in calf to Wallace for spring calving in 2012, together with the 8 cows that are also settled in calf.

Reduction Sale at Chelford, April 26th 2014

With some restrictions imposed on our site of special scientific interest grazing and a quieter life through retirement for Suzanne and Arthur, they have both reluctantly decided to offer the majority of the fold for sale. We have instructed Gwyn Williams of Frank Marshall to carry out a genuine reduction sale of the prize winning Walton Fold of Highland Cattle.

The Fold started 6 years ago, a few years after the sale of the Wenbrook herd of pedigree Herefords following the outbreak of Foot and Mouth in 2001. The Herefords had enjoyed much success with sales abroad and to the MMB. We had two superb stock bulls Orari 1 Nithdale a huge scale bull from NZ. Closely followed by Bodenham Noggin who won much acclaim as the Bull in a china shop to show the docility of the breed,the handling ability and to show that with the right temperament you could take a well mannered animal into a china shop and cause no damage at all to £0.5m worth of glassware!! (His tail was tied between his legs!)

Following on whichever breed we chose we wanted to make sure that we had docility and also bred performance based on the ability to handle every animal within the fold whether in the field or in the barn.

We had land designated SSSI and together with English Nature we needed a breed that could live off the land with no corn and also by grazing help control immature invasive weeds, hence the Highland Fold was chosen. They live out most of the year at 900 feet but are equally at home living around the house at 300 feet.

Our first cattle came from Chelford as 4 heifers and the main stock bull Wallace of Cim. What a buy he was! Wallace now nearly 14 is doing a great job down in Gloucestershire. In his time he won us 8 championships and left us a tremendous legacy of prize winning cattle, including the reserve champion at Chelford last year and the best two year old heifer at Oban this year. The first time this has come to England. He also sired first prize in the two year old bull class. The bull will be sold at Chelford in April. Our new stock bull Alisdair Ruadh of Auchtenny is a very long bull , with a good frame,and can be judged by the quality of his stock at the sale.he also has won several championships on the circuit.

We have been extremely fortunate to have had the help of two highly experienced stockmen with over 110 years between them. Johnny and Bob we thank you so much for your help and experience. You have forgotten more than we ever knew!!

Every animal is offered with confidence,easily handled, quiet and halter trained.
Best wishes and good luck,

Suzanne And Arthur Hill.